Traveling With Your Infant

I recently went on a trip with my almost 3 month old daughter. It was her first extended amount of time in a car and I was anxious to say the least. I was worried that she would be uncomfortable, cry, and that it would be a bad experience for everyone involved. Things ended up... Continue Reading →

-Never Have I Ever-

I never thought my whole world could be held in my arms. I never knew that I would give my life for one being. I never understood what being completely selfless felt like. I never needed someone in my life for it to be complete. I never wanted to spend every waking moment of my... Continue Reading →

Maternity Leave Done Differently

A lot of working mothers after giving birth take a leave of absence from work known as maternity leave. It gives mother and baby time to bond during their first few months of life, it gives mom time recoup and let her body heal and get some much needed rest. Maternity leave is a special... Continue Reading →

Validating Yourself as a Mother

When I first had my daughter, I would get extremely upset if someone told me that I wasn't doing something right. I would get frustrated, angry, and bitter. I took everything that people said personally. I thought that I wasn't doing anything right and that I was destined to be a half-ass mom. I let... Continue Reading →

Turning Loss Into Love

"For grief is just love squaring up to its oldest enemy, and after all these mortal human years, love is up to the challenge." -Kate Braestup Single mothers who have lost their partners are a special type of strong. It's a loss that flips your world upside down, makes it hard to breathe, a daily... Continue Reading →

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