About The Website:

I was told once that having a child is like making a decision to forever have your heart walking outside of your body. I never understood until I had my own what those words really meant. A child is the ultimate blessing, but comes packed with some of the most difficult trials and tribulations I have come to experience.

The purpose of this website is to create a safe place to share our biggest victories and our most painful failures as mothers. Learning more about ourselves as people, and not just as “mom” or “wife”. Through self care, spirituality, and physical wellness we can strive to become the best versions of ourselves.

Not only is this a domain for ourselves, it is a space to focus on our pride and joys. Subjects varying from baby fashion, wellness, penny saving, and ways to raise a beautiful and happy child.

As I put my heart into this, follow and join me on this journey into motherhood. Building each other up and loving each other through one of the most beautiful processes in life.

About The Author:

McKenzi T. Kaminstein

Single mother of a beautiful daughter named Alaska.

22 years of age.

Currently residing in northeastern Pennsylvania.

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