As a mom, self care is something that I crave and always make time for. Makeup is a way for me to look put together, spend time on myself, and something to explore and try new things with. I am always looking for new products and different techniques to try. I use everything from drug store to high end products and everything in between. I have recently discovered that Marshalls and TJ Maxx have been stocking their makeup departments with brand name products! Some may be damaged, but most of them are just over stock from the brand. I am able to try products that I normally wouldn’t splurge on because of the price. Here are some products that I have found this week that I have been pleasantly surprised with and will definitely be using in the future.



Ellen Tracy Nighttime Hydrating Cream 1.77 oz $21.99

I was instantly impressed with this product. I was casually shopping at Tuesday Morning and stumbled upon this night cream for only $6.99, with such a low price I had nothing to loose in giving it a try. It is very comparable to Elizabeth Arden Night Cream but has more of a transparent color and silky texture. I am wearing it as we speak and I can assure you it leaves no greasy residue like most other night creams. This is an older product within the Ellen Tracy brand so you can find it cheaper if you do a little research than the normal retail price.

MAC Rebeleyes Gel Liner in Rich Smoky Black $24

This is my new go-to for a cat eye, it is SO easy to apply and goes on in a beautiful straight line without smudging and stays put all day. Good luck getting it off with just water. I am horrible at getting a good cat eye and this liner is one of my secrets for getting my cat eye to look semi acceptable. The shape of the applicator makes it nearly impossible for you to mess up

Elf Lip Primer and Plumper $3

I can not get over Elf. Sure, maybe they don’t have as much variety and may be lacking quality sometimes compared to other brands, but they make up for it all with their amazing prices. Not to mention Elf has made my perfect shade of red lipstick. The plumper actually works, giving you a little more pout than normal. As far as the primer, the thing is, I actually use it as an eyeshadow primer. Used on the lips, it dilutes the color of your lipstick, but used on your lids, it makes your shadows pigmented and pop. I consider Elf more of a experimentation brand due to their low prices. You can try new things without spending half your paycheck on something that you might not even like.

Tarte Lip Sculpter in Treat $24

This has got to be my new favorite nude, not to mention it is a double sided lip stick AND gloss. The formula is no joke one of the creamiest I have ever felt and stays on relatively long. I lucked out and payed $5 for this lipstick at P&R Discounts, which is an organic discount grocery store in my area. I love this dusty rose color but this product has 15 different shades!



So, shop around and you are sure to find deals on name brand makeup in the most unlikely of places. You don’t ever need to pay full price for brands like MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Tarte, Too Faced, Bite, and Sephora ever again.

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