Busy Mom’s Trick For Flawless Skin

As a mom, it is hard to find time to look the way that I would like to. In the morning it’s super hard to juggle getting myself ready and also my daughter. I love makeup, I love putting it on, and I love the way it makes me feel. It became super important for me to find time to do that for myself.

This winter I started to notice that my makeup wasn’t looking how it used to. I tried switching products (buying more and more expensive foundations and concealers) because I thought that it was just my makeup getting old or just not serving me anymore. I started to get frustrated because I was buying name brand makeup but it was looking like it was peeling and compiling on my skin. I use moisturizer and primer so I knew that it wasn’t my application that was the problem.

I found that it was the combination of my skin being extremely dry from the winter and dead skin build up on my face that was the culprit. I wasn’t taking as much care of my skin as I used to before I had a child. Washing my face and moisturizer wasn’t enough so I literally went into my kitchen and found things to make an exfoliator. I applied it, washed my face, added moisturizer, and I could feel and see the effects right away. I was so excited to get ready for work, and when I did the results were just as amazing as I thought they would be. My skin looked so healthy and my makeup was close to flawless.

Here’s my super simple recipe for an exfoliator that has instant results:

I use equal parts sugar and coconut oil. You can add more sugar depending how much of an exfoliation that you’re looking for. Start out with two tablespoons of each. I make smaller portions because I’m pretty sure that if you were to store it, that the sugar would break down and dissolve.


Once you have mixed it thoroughly, add about a teaspoon of honey in. It should have this consistency when you are finished:


Scrub your face for as long as desired, enough to get all that dead skin off. It is a little messy so I advise doing it over your sink. Afterwards, wash your face and add a moisturizer and eye cream. A thick night cream is your best bet, I personally use Elizabeth Arden Millennium products.


Use this scrub twice a week, or maybe more when you first start this routine to peel away the multiple layers of dead skin you may have. Now just enjoy this convenient and extremely inexpensive trick.


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