Practical Purchases- Buying Consignment for Your Child

Clothes are not a want for your little one, it is a need. It is an essential purchase to keep your child safe and happy. Although it is a necessity, it does not necessarily have to cost you a ton of money. I am one of those people that will buy anything used if it is in good condition, but when I had my daughter I wanted nothing but the best for her and preferred that she have all new clothes. Time passed and she grew and grew and grew. She grew out of clothes so quickly, so I made the decision to start buying her lightly used clothing at second-hand stores and consignment shops. To some this choice might be obvious, but for those apprehensive mothers, here are some great reasons to buy consigned and thrift store clothes.

  1. Your Little One Will Grow SO Quickly

You may have grown up hearing the phrase “they grow so fast” but you never quite understand it until you have your own child and watch the growth for yourself. My daughter was born at 6 lbs 13 oz and by the time she was 2 months old she had doubled her weight and was then at 13 lbs! So that meant that not only had she grown out of her newborn clothes, she had also grown out of her 0-3 month clothing. I wasn’t prepared and had to quickly buy more, so I opted to buy things used, and I saved a LOT of money in the process!

2. Supporting Local Buisness

My father owns his own business so he taught me to buy locally every chance that I get. There are two really amazing baby consignment shops locally to me and I use them frequently. You get such a personal experience every time that I go in. They are so friendly, love chatting, and are genuinely interested in how my baby and I are doing. One time an owner of one of the shops I go to gifted me a huge box of diapers just to be kind! I would rather my money go into the growth of my community rather than a multi billion dollar corporation.

3. You Are Saving A TON Of Money

The items that I get at consignment stores are most of the time brand name items for half the price. They are always in good shape and I would never be able to buy my little girl most of the items for full retail price. Stores near me always have amazing sales going on and are very reasonable. Just take a look at all of these items that I got for a grand total of $8.70!



4. Your Baby Will Have All The Latest Trends

If you want your little bun to have all the latest looks, consignment is perfect for you! They are constantly getting new inventory and re stocking everything they have. Everytime I go in they always have seasonal displays and racks for every holiday, season, and event. They have sizes ranging from newborn to toddler and so much variety! I love looking through all the racks and finding that perfect gem that will look so perfect on my girl.

5. Make A Little Extra Money

When your baby grows out of their old clothes (as we know very well they do) you can bring them all to be consigned! Most stores go by 50/50 of the price so you aren’t getting ripped off. Even though you aren’t going to make a ton, you can always get store credit to put towards your next purchase!

6. Recycling

You are decreasing your carbon footprint! The less you purchase from stores the less demand they have. Everything makes a difference so don’t feel minuscule! Most of the clothes have hardly been worn and a lot of them still have tags on them. Doing this is great for the environment and you will feel good by giving these clothes a second (or even third) go around.



So give it a chance. You don’t have to buy everything consignment, there are a lot of things that I feel the need to buy brand new, but you will save a lot and feel little better by purchasing consignment.

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