Matchy Matchy -matching outfits for mommy and daughter-

Matching mommy-daughter outfits are possibly one of the most adorable looks out there. I love matching with my little girl, and I do it on the reg because there will come a day when she won’t think her mommy is the coolest person and want to look like me. You can easily do it with things that are already in your closet by just buying similar pieces for your little one. There are also some vendors who have matching outfits available and ready to buy. I find it easier to just do it myself and that way there can be more variety details in our outfits. They will match but also have little touches that set us apart. These looks are great for mommy-baby photoshoots. You can even switch it up for daddy and son or mommy and son!

Here are some easy looks that you can pull together by yourself!

  1. White blouse, jeans, and cheetah print and turquoise accents


For Baby:

Koala Kids White Flower Print Top $12.74-$14.74
Cheetah Headband by Henley’s Headbands $6.50
Minnetonka Kids Double Fringe Side Zip Bootie $32.95

Add a pair of jeans that you most likely already have to complete the look!


2. Flannel, boots, and leggings


For baby:

OshKosh B’Gosh Flannel $14.00
Old Navy Baby Suede Sherpa-Trim Boots $19.97

Add a pair of black pants to complete the outfit

3. Olive dress with denim jacket


For baby:

Carter’s Baby Girl Denim Chambray Shirt Dress $15.39

Use olive green accents


Army Green Organic Sleeveless Romper Mi Baby Boutique Shop $21.00

Add denim jacket or accents

There are also many sites that you can order custom matching tee shirts for your whole family!

You can find them on etsy


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