What to Expect After Baby’s First Vaccinations

!!This article is not about the vaccination debate, it is only my experience as a parent!!!

Getting your baby vaccinated is a very emotionally taxing experience. Watching your 2 month old baby scream in pain is very uncomfortable, and you may feel a rush of emotions as your maternal instinct kicks in. There was no doubt in my mind that my baby needed to be vaccinated, for me the benefits outweigh the risks. I feel the need to protect my child, and other people’s children from deadly diseases and illnesses.

My little girl received 4 vaccinations (which I thought was a lot at once), her DTaP, Hepatitis B, rotavirus (orally), and tetanus. After she received her tetanus, which was the last one and the most painful, I scooped her up as quickly as possible to console her. It was almost as painful for me to see her in pain as it was for her to be in pain. She forgot about it quickly enough and I put her in her car seat to go home. She slept for the ride home and fore about 2 hours when we got home. The nurse told me that babies usually react one of two ways, they either sleep a lot or they get extremely fussy and may experience fever.

Around the 3 hour mark my little girl started to fuss and sweat. I gave her some baby Tylenol and tried to get her as comfortable as possible. She started to scream the specific pain scream every time that she woke up, and that is when I started getting worried. Nothing was going on that was out of the ordinary, but I let my thoughts run with the worse case scenario. I started looking at forums online. I HIGHLY ADVISE AGAINST THIS. I started reading and people were saying horrible things that happened after their children received their vaccinations. I started to loose it a little bit called my friend who is a nurse, she quickly assured me that everything she was experiencing was normal and gave me symptoms to look out for. She works in the NICU at a prestigious hospital and had told me she has never seen a child come in from issues related to vaccinations.

The next day my baby girl woke up and was back to her normal self. She was laughing and playing as if nothing was ever wrong. The moral of all of this, is to expect some mild symptoms but don’t let your fears drive you. You are the parent and you know when something is wrong, so listen to your instinct. The whole vaccination debate is something that I ignore, I will do what I think is right for my child despite what others have to say about it, and I hope as a reader you will do the same. Every situation is so different and every baby reacts differently, so just follow your gut. Your doctor will give you a list of symptoms to watch out for, like a high fever for an extended amount of time. Otherwise, you can always call the hospital or pediatrician if you feel something isn’t right. Show your baby a little extra love during this time, and remember to take it easy on yourself also.


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