Traveling With Your Infant

I recently went on a trip with my almost 3 month old daughter. It was her first extended amount of time in a car and I was anxious to say the least. I was worried that she would be uncomfortable, cry, and that it would be a bad experience for everyone involved. Things ended up... Continue Reading →

OOTD February 11, 2018

I have been waiting and waiting to put my girl in this little furry white coat. She looks like a complete cloud. I threw it on her today because it was perfect for showing Alaska the snow yesterday. Today she is wearing a plain grey onesie, red star patterned pants, gold moccasins, and of course... Continue Reading →

OOTD February 3, 2018

Today Alaska had a snow day! She was all bundled in this adorable knitted suit with little gray moccasins on. She was so comfy and this sweater material wasn't itchy or scratchy at all. The best part is I got it at a thrift store for $3! This outfit makes her look a lot chunkier... Continue Reading →

OOTD February 1,2018

February 1, 2018 I know that I promised to add more color into Alaska's outfits, but instead I just added some tu tu action to ensure people wouldn't mistake her for a boy! Today Alaska wore the most adorable black and gold shapes sweatshirt, a pair of gold and white tu tu pants, and little... Continue Reading →

-Never Have I Ever-

I never thought my whole world could be held in my arms. I never knew that I would give my life for one being. I never understood what being completely selfless felt like. I never needed someone in my life for it to be complete. I never wanted to spend every waking moment of my... Continue Reading →

OOTD January 31, 2018

Today Alaska got mistaken for a boy! As much as I don't care what people think, I'm starting to wonder if I should start incorporating more color into her wardrobe. Today she wore a gray sweatshirt with black flowers on the collar and shoulders, black pants, and black "pilgrim shoes" as Alaska's gammie would call... Continue Reading →

OOTD January 30, 2018

!WE WANT SPRING! Today Alaska wore red corduroy textured pants and a beautiful black floral print top. The dark colors look beautiful for winter but also have a hint of spring nostalgia. We can't wait for tee shirts, shorts, and bare feet! Don't worry, Alaska had socks on today!

OOTD January 29, 2018

WE LOVE NEUTRALS! Today Alaska wore a gray long sleeve onesie, gray pants, and brown bear boots. Little Alaska has been spitting up a lot today so the neutrals make it easy to swap out pieces. I also added this cute bib/burpee as a safety net for any spit up I couldn't catch. Not only... Continue Reading →

OOTD January 28, 2018

Today Alaska wore jeans, a cardigan, and a headband. It was a perfect outfit for church and then hanging out with friends. She was comfortable all day and looked super cute and casual. The weather was a little bit warmer, but I always put a onesie underneath just in case her cardigan slides up. This... Continue Reading →


January 21, 2018-January 27, 2018 This week's Look of the Week is comfy and cozy. These are an adorable casual outfit to lounge around the house in, or you can dress it up tote your baby around town! These joggers are great for your baby girl or baby boy. They are so versatile and you can add... Continue Reading →

Maternity Leave Done Differently

A lot of working mothers after giving birth take a leave of absence from work known as maternity leave. It gives mother and baby time to bond during their first few months of life, it gives mom time recoup and let her body heal and get some much needed rest. Maternity leave is a special... Continue Reading →

Validating Yourself as a Mother

When I first had my daughter, I would get extremely upset if someone told me that I wasn't doing something right. I would get frustrated, angry, and bitter. I took everything that people said personally. I thought that I wasn't doing anything right and that I was destined to be a half-ass mom. I let... Continue Reading →

Turning Loss Into Love

"For grief is just love squaring up to its oldest enemy, and after all these mortal human years, love is up to the challenge." -Kate Braestup Single mothers who have lost their partners are a special type of strong. It's a loss that flips your world upside down, makes it hard to breathe, a daily... Continue Reading →


January 14, 2018- January 20, 2018 This week's Look of the Week is inspired by the country's record low temperatures and cold fronts. As much as I try to keep my baby indoors during these frigid temperatures, sometimes it is unavoidable. While it isn't advised that you bundle your child in a car seat, these suits are... Continue Reading →

Kim Kardashian’s -KIDS SUPPLY- Dupes

We all know Kim Kardashian as a style icon. Her style focuses mainly on bold neutrals and signature timeless piece. Having three children herself, she added a children's clothing line to her extensive empire (Kids Supply). Every piece in this line is inspired by Kim's own signature look with a clear emphasis on her California... Continue Reading →

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